Christopher "PhadKing" Wright

   As a young boy, I can remember interacting in all avenues of art, from painting, drawing, coloring in Crayola, to acting like my favorite superheroes. I was an energetic little shy boy who had a lot to say on paper. Now I must say this gift stemmed from my parents because my Dad was a photographer and my Mom was a cut & sewer and I witness their talents each and every day, which inspired me to create and explore my imagination the only way I knew how. After multiple years harnessing and developing my skills each and every day I started to see my entrepreneur side of me blossom.
   I had so many Ideas for businesses I didn't even know were even businesses. All I knew was that my brain was crammed up with ideas and I needed to release them. From creating my first ever comic stripes called: "Hero Kid," to designing my own shoes & jerseys, writing music and poetry. For money outside of allowances, I started a lawnmower empire using my Dad's new riding lawnmower, to even coming up with wrestling events amongst all my friends who were participating. I sold illustrated portraits of people for $10-$20, to tee shirt brands that didn't make pass a couple shirts. 
   The coolest things in starting those entities was that number one I started and the number two was that I had a dream that led to my vision to put in the process the determinate factor. And overall, complete that goal or mission. I am a man of big dreams and vision and God gave me the talent to fulfill that through my gift of art to give back so I may align in the footsteps to my destiny. I truly embraced all of my experiences that led me to this point; like when I freelanced for different businesses and learned the ins and outs of the business world and marketplace. With all that in place, I've learned a lot about myself and most importantly about my worth, hence the reason this brand was born... 
   Phad Universe is a clothing brand based out of Atlanta, GA. Created and founded by CEO Christopher J. Wright, who skills lies in Illustration, Fine Art, and Graphic Design.  Now Phad Universe can be labeled as "streetwear gear" because of it's multi-faceted, subculturally diverse, urban and lifestyle-based origin be that of different perspectives in the street fashion world.  Phad caters to a wide spectrum of the "I don't care what you think" type culture to the "Confidently, I love myself" type culture with heavy graphics and positive messages. The definition of the name can be found in its most commonly used slogans like: "YOURverse, OURverse, UNIverse" or better yet "I, Do This."
  Now the word (Phad) is an urban definition for cool, legit, gnarly or basically epic. And we all know (Universe) as an all existing matter and space considered as a whole. Phad Universe is explained as a place where you can be who you are, cool and trendy in your own way with people who all on the same page. But most importantly where we unify, loving self and one another.
   Our mission statement and duty with this brand is to inspire the youth and middle age to be the best version of themselves. Through humor, education and positive messages, we strive to do our best to convey that loving yourself is important and that no one can take that something special away from you. We want this movement to unify people of diverse cultures and to become bigger than a graphic piece of clothing but a lifestyle. Our message to the masses is to cherish self-peace and love for one another and never to forget to embrace YOU!
We want to say thank you to our loyal fan base and new supporters and live life to the fullest!
We, Do This.,
-Phad Team